8:32 PM

Yeah the clock is right. It's PM not AM. Super late but I really really needed to write down that I finally have progesterone. I've yet to take any of them, but I will in about an hour. I don't plan on putting them up my butt for now. I'd love to experiment with it but right now if I tried that right now I think only a disaster would happen. Today I watched Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. It's probably my favorite Dragon Ball movie ever now. It's literally crazy. Also I read my book I got from the library last week. It's called The Nameless Day by Sara Douglass and it's pretty interesting so far. Angels, Demons, etc. So yeah. Tomorrow I'm going to call my endocrinologist to 1. talk about a hormone levels lab and 2. What the game plan is to refill my progesterone because it's only a month supply when my others are 3 month supplies. No problem though. If I gotta get a month supply 3 times I'm fine with that. I'm just happy I('d) have it at all. I also need to reschedule my next appointment because I didn't get all of my hormones until a week after the last one. Like... Whaaaat??? Haha anyway. Let's chill out tonight.