2:12 PM

Today is crrraaaazzyyyy!!! Ok it wasn't that crazy. Anyway I spent my morning typing shit to my girlfriend and lazing around in my robe. Just now I spammed most of the stuff I thought was good to twitter so the timeline is full of me. I just gave myself an icon on RateYourMusic.
I'm listening to Yessongs (1973) and I wish Time and a Word was on there like the song. It's okay though. I'm on Heart of the Sunrise. I've come to the conclusion that Yes live kind of sucks. Right now on Heart of the Sunrise they're good though. On Siberian Khatru they were Rappin' Dogshit though.
I took a cold shower earlier on a whim. It was so intense and I shaved afterward on a whim. Initially I figured it wouldn't work as well as my skin would have closed up from the cold water but given the razor runs under hot water it opened my pores up nicely and let the hair get sooooo cut and sliced. That was so nice.
I listened to The Disintegration Loops 1.1 earlier today and came to the conclusion it is NOT about 9/11 like all of the fucking sheeple are trying to tell me. That song is about SEX! I know it. Just as all other ambient/drone songs are sexual it is the same. I will say it's much more sexual when played backwards. That's just my opnion. Sorry for the crassness but I realy can't state that any other way.
Right now I'm a little hungry and I'm considering getting a lunchy for me. So do with that what you will.
Who knew I had so much to say!

2:49 PM

April lost her minecraft account so that's so sad. One day we will play again. We're going to play GTA Online now. Hopefuly we make lots of new boyfriends who drive us in their cars

7:47 PM

This already makes me really excited because it's like the Boeing 747. I like that plane a lot because it's fucking huge. Anyway. I've been non-stop playing GTA Online despite April leaving at some point but she came back a bit ago. Which has been fun. Something crazy that just happened was I was having some dinner and there were brussel sprouts and I literally said while eating them that "Big Media will lead you to believe these are really bad but they're good" until the last one made me audibly gag and since then I have been utterly neurodivergent and I don't use that word lightly. After that I was unpeeling a banana and the act of it and the texture of the banana on my fingertips and the feeling of digging into it made me freeze up and groan. And, despite not having a speech impediment, I may as well have one now. Like straight up words don't come out right. I'm even misspelling a ton of these words before going back and fixing them. I don't typically think of myself as autistic or having ADHD despite thinking I had everything at age 13 but it's stuff like this that makes me understand why almost all of my friends are autistic. To be perfectly honest I don't really feel bad about this. It's just really crazy. RN I'm letting my gf play GTA Online through parsec but it seems like the internet is being the best right now and the connection isn't too good. Quick non sequitur (I love this phrase): I really like usernames is something I've noticed. I must say though I feel incredibly sensitive to sound and sensations right now. Which isn't too particularly fun but I am enjoying the sound of me typing on my laptop. Which is how I'm blogging this. I genuinely love the sound of these flat keys pressing down. It's doing a lot for me mentally. I'm thinking of listening to another album tonight but I'm not entirely sure I have the time. So I don't think I'm going to be listening to an album tonight.