12:10 PM

Ohhhh yeaahhhh.... I started today like I did yesterday but a little bit later. Cold shower. Cereal. Dick sucked, BACKWARDS. Fuck. Yeah. That last part was a lie but that's just the vibe I'm in right now. Last night April and I discussed making an original character's universe where there's catboys that work in mines and their boss overworks them and underpays them. We were discussing it today and decided to call it Boyworld but despite the name there are women. The main character is essentially Giovanni from Night on the Galactic Railroad except he's a black cat and works in the mines to make money to buy milk for his sick mom. His boss is a fat orange cat with a gray beard and moustache and he smokes cigars and wears linen suits and he's really evil. He has boy best friends where one is mean and taller than him and the other is shorter than him and wears glasses and is green and is shy.

Right now April and I are playing GTA and soon we're going to hang out with David which I'm excited for. I know that dude is reading this and if you are, FUCK YOU!

1:13 PM

I've been listening to Yesterdays by Yes and it's been pretty cool. I was going in expecting it to be a live album but it's a studio compilation album. I don't know if I'm relieved or not LOL. It's super cool though it has songs from their first album and Time and a Word which I superlove. Like those albums are soo good to me. Yea.

2:11 PM

I should not have listened to Yesshows (1980). This music is doing something to me. I can't believe how good they're playing.

5:01 PM

Something so crazy has happened in GTA (which I've been playing since the last update). There's this guy I met who is like pretty chil but he is hellbent on buying me a modded GTA account. I don't even want one. Something he did was shower me in collectable figurines which gave me over a hundred thousand dollars. Wow. I love that money so much.

8:26 PM

I just had some Little Caesar's pizza and right now I am so anxious for no reason. Like it's kind of crazy. It's times like this where I wish I had a CBD experience to help me. It could also cure my sporadic arthritis that I don't even have rn but if I did I would wish for a CBD or even a THC explosion. It's simple really.

Tomorrow is going to be a really big day btw. So my little brother has a soccer game I wish to attend, I'm going to have some fillings and dental cleaning, and on top of all of that it's Pikmin Bloom community day, so I'm going to need to find out how to walk 10k steps amidst all of that. I'm excited for it though it's gonna be so good for me.