3:02 PM

OMG. Okay. Today has been so long. I haven't had a single chance to blog any of it. So I wake up right. I take a cold shower and it felt actually really, really nice. Like I loved it. I'm getting dressed and ready for my little brother's soccer game but they leave without me because they're late. That's OK. I walk over there because it's only a mile and I'm a big boy (girl) and can handle it.

3:12 PM

So I loved that. I drank all of the water bottle I brought on the way and then drank another one when I got there. Thank you! The game was intense and it was the last of the season. Then I folded my clothes and made my bed in the 20 minutes we had before we left to get my teeth filled/cleaned. I had 2 cavities now I don't. Anyway. We get there after 30 minutes aaaaaaand I fill out the forms and basically they filled my cavities expertly. It smelled really good the whole time. Then I got my teeth cleaned and it smelled bad and it was very overwhelming but we're better now. Then my step-dad's teeth get cleaned and I pace around for a while because I love that shit. It was like 2,000 steps even if I know that wasn't true IRL. I literally counted them myself. Anyway. We go to Wawa and I get a small Seagrams Ginger Ale (it's not good. I wish I had Canada Dry Thank you.) and the thing that's in the title. That was my first meal of the day and it tasted good and felt good. I loved that. So basically we're all caught up with my life. I still have 5,000 steps left to walk in Pikmin Bloom so I'm going to take care of that later. RN I am going to chill eternal.

7:42 PM

OK. I walked like........ 7000 steps it was crazy. Duke was exhausted by the end of it but I saw this guy who straight up built his own car out of a metal frame and a lawnmower engine and wheels. Like it blew me away. He was just driving circles around the neighborhood block and I was in love. Basically I'm drinking lots of water now. I love this show. I also am very surprised by how I only used 28 percent of my battery during that whole trip... like whaatttt???? Why? So yeah. Let's chill and eat.

7:53 PM

I'm eating leftover little caesars AND bagel. so yeah.