2:39 PM

OK So I was trolling online and just saying a lot of stuff so I knew I had to make a blog. So this is just what I'm saying I just had lunch which was good for me it was really necessary because before that I only had a little McDonalds cheeseburger like it was the size of... a Location Guy like really small okay so I just needed some more to eat. Anyway before that I went to the doctor for my check up and she loved me so much because.... She must be my bigest fan or something. I don't know. Anyway I walk out tomorrow I'm going right back there to pee in a cup because they're so weird like that lol. Idk anywhere else in the world that you can like DO that but it's fun for me it's a little release so it's fine. So yeah that happened and I feel nice today I shaved and loved outside even if it's very wet. I just feel very alive rn like seriously I love you bitch. Wow. I can't believe I just said that.