This page will always be work in progress. I will never stop saying and making.

August 25th

A short piece of stream of consciousness I wrote on a whim.

December 12th

Glitzy comms

3:12 PM

December 10th

#1 Surface in the world Treat your blood and wounds like jewelry.

1:40 PM

August 19th


9:28 PM


9:23PM, Russian for English "twarft"

Мю life

10:24 AM

August 18th

their bodies look like chewy gummies

11:52 PM

Between here and there was a commemoration dedicated to the haikus that my friend Fawaz and I wrote for days.


9:41 AM

August 17th

shogi chalice

10:44 PM

bullet beetle

9:33 PM

shellac shakes

3:53 PM

fitting my face

2:52 PM

August 16th

May the internet grant me access to digital readables

7:42 PM

An Ode to the Befueled

11:45 AM

there will neller eller beller feller yeller gellar cellar.

11:08 AM. 2 Likes

August 15th

chunky lights

11:56 PM

A cab in one moment

11:23 PM

feeder fluid

11:47 AM

August 13th

injurable dream

7:18 PM